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ABS Plastic Locker T-320E-42: Six Tier Cabinet for Gyms and Schools

Key Specifications / Features

Model No.: T-320E-42 Hits: 49

ABS Plastic Locker T-320E-42: 6 tiers as 1 column; 1 or 2 or 3 or more columns combined; 6 doors, 12 doors, 18 doors locker. Multiple color choices and ideal storage space for school lockers, gym lockers, swimming pool lockers, water-parks lockers and office lockers.

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Detail Information

Flexible Configurations - ABS plastic lockers are modular; each unit could consist of flexible tiers and columns creating different configurations.
One door one tier (1 door locker): W320*D420*H390mm (with 80mm base)
6 tiers 1 column (5 doors locker): W320*D420*H1940mm (with 80mm base)
6 tiers 2 columns (10 doors locker): W640*D420*H1940mm (with 80mm base)
6 tiers 3 columns (15 doors locker): W960*D420*H1940mm (with 80mm base)
A Range of Door Colour Choices - playing with the colours and creating your preferred design style
Locker carcass: gray;
Locker Door: red, yellow, green, navy blue, light blue, orange, coffee, gray, pink, transparent and wood grain for flexible choice; Tailor made colour is also available.
An Array of Multiple Locking Solutions - Simple, Secure and Quality Assured
Keyless Lock (4-digit combination lock), Key Lock, Digital Electronic Lock (RFID Lock, Number Lock) and Hasp (for padlock)

ABS Plastic Lockers Features:
1. Made of food-grade ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic material
2. Durable - lifespan is 15 to 20 years with a warranty of 5 years.
3. Water resistant, rust free, recyclable and anti-corrosion
4. Modular and patented knocked-down design
5. Smooth edge, harmless to people
6. Available in multiple color, configurations and locking solutions




Coffee T-320E-42 Six Tiers Plastic LockersGray T-320E-42 Six Tiers Plastic LockersGreen T-320E-42 Six Tiers Plastic Lockers
Light Blue T-320E-42 Six Tiers Plastic LockersLight Green T-320E-42 Six Tiers Plastic LockersNavy Blue T-320E-42 Six Tiers Plastic Lockers
Orange T-320E-42 Six Tiers Plastic LockersPink T-320E-42 Six Tiers Plastic LockersRed T-320E-42 Six Tiers Plastic Lockers
Wood Grain T-320E-42 Six Tiers Plastic LockersYellow T-320E-42 Six Tiers Plastic Lockers


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