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What's the main differences between ABS and HDPE lockers?
ABS lockers are ideal indoor lockers which have six colors.
HDPE lockers are UV-proof and have 11 standard colors, which are perfect for both indoor and outdoor environments.

We show you some examples here, but there are more possibilities for you to discover. All the locksets and accessories can be used for the entire series of TOPPLA plastic lockers.


Description: T-382L can be used as locker room lockers for employees/staff/workers.

4-digit code locks with master keys and plastic benches are selected for these ABS locker room lockers.

The 4-digit code lock is safe and easy to be managed, and it is easy to be used in the public area. 
It is keyless, and every user can flexibly set their own combinations. The master key can be used for openning the locker if the user forgets the password. 

The bench which has 8 colors has ABS surface, stainless steel feet and 3 sizes.
cylinder-cam-lock Description:  T-382M can be used as changing room lockers for customers.

Anti-corrosion cylinder cam locks featuring in master keys are selected for the ABS changing room locker.

The cylinder is made of zinc alloy; the finish is bright chrome and the key-code reaches 10,000.
multi-layer-and-multi-box-design Description: T-320L-50 can be used as locker room lockers.

The multi-layer design makes the full use of space become possible. Multi-function box offers storage space for items such as water bottles, mobile phones, tablets and keys.
These ABS lockers are also good to serve as locker wardrobes for uniforms and shoes, or sports lockers for sporting goods.
   patented-lock slanting-top
Description:   T-382S can be used as swimming pool lockers.

TOPPLA's patented lock with its master key and admin key are used for changing the lock cylinder, so the user doesn't need to pick the lock. The bracelet is selected for these ABS swimming pool lockers. Both keys and lock cylinders are made of high-quality brass. 
The slanting top can also be used to prevent dust from accumulating on the top of the lockers.
Non-toxic T-382S ABS plastic locker has an extremely size for not only swimming pools but also schools.
Description:  T-320S-50 can be used as gym lockers with customized elevated base.

The elevated base is designed to prevent water splashing. At the same time, it is more convenient for users to use the bottom locker.

lock-hasp Description:  T-382M can be used as school classroom lockers.

Lock hasps are selected for these ABS school lockers.

Students and teachers can bring their padlocks to secure their personal belongings such as books, uniforms, umbrellas and sports equipment.
Description:  ABS plastic is non-toxic, so ABS lockers are suitable for primary school students to reduce their burdens in some ways. Besides, it is recommended to use ABS lockers indoors to prevent door colors from fading.

cam-lock Description:  T-382E can be used as school hallway lockers.

Cam locks with master keys and replaceable cylinders are selected for high-end ABS plastic hallway lockers. 

The cam lock has a zinc alloy lock body, brass keys and 500 key codes. 


    Description:  T-320F-42 can be used as library lockers.

RFID lockers, locker number plates and vent covers are used for the ABS library locker.

The cover is designed to keep each inner space of the lockers dry and ventilated.

Description:  T-H385M/2 can be used as library lockers.

The HDPE library locker maximizes storage space to secure personal belongings such as laptops, books and tablets when people study, read or go to the bathroom.

Description:  HDPE lockers can be used as hallway lockers at a school in Dubai.

4-digit code locks with master keys are selected for these hallway lockers.

The HDPE plastic locker is resistant to UV radiation,  which is perfect for both indoor and outdoor environments. It is available to be exposed to the direct sunlight since the color won't fade and plastics don't rust.

Description:  T-320E-42 can be used as garage lockers.

Round combination padlocks are selected for the ABS garage locker.

TOPPLA ABS locker is water-proof and vandal-proof, which is a good choice for the humid garage when people wash their cars.
Description:  T-H385M can be used as garage lockers.

The slanting top is selected for the HDPE heavy duty garage locker to prevent dust.
  multi-function-box    Description:  T-280E can be used as spa lockers.

The ABS spa locker consists of multi-function box, vanity mirror and hook, which maximizes storage space and enables people to find their small items quickly.

The anti-theft plug pin is designed to prevent the locks being picked, offering secure storage solutions.
Description:  T-H385M and T-H385M/2 can be used for police stations as locker cabinets.

TOPPLA provides plastic lockers with customized configurations and color combinations. All the HDPE lockers are heavy duty, which means they are extremely qualified for heavy work.
Description: T-280E & T-280S, and T-382M can be used as office lockers.

TOPPLA offers these transparent doors as one of the standard door options, you can purchase see-through lockers without extra charges. The locker configurations can fit any rooms. 

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