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T-382S RFID locker used as outdoor storage lockers
Description: T-382S can be used as outdoor storage lockers.

RFID lockers is very convenient for the users, just only use the user card to open the locker.

T-382S used as outdoor lockers for players for stadiums, universities, gyms
Description: T-382S can be used as outdoor lockers for players.

Compared with traditional wooden lockers and steel lockers, have many extra advantages, such as waterproofing and moisture-proofing, anti-rust, high-strength impact resistance, heat and acid resistance, DIY combination, bright colors, etc. And these advantages make them particularly suitable for stadiums, universities, gyms and so on.

T-H385XXL/6 HDPE plastic locker used as outdoor rent lockers Heavy duty plastic locker
Description: T-H385XXL/6 HDPE plastic locker can be used as outdoor rent lockers.

Heavy duty plastic locker is extremely strong, nearly unbreakable, water resistant, UV proof, vandal proof and rust-free.