Plastic Locker Manufacturer, ABS, HDPE Lockers

T-382E ABS plastic locker used as school hallway lockers indoors
Description: T-382E can be used as school hallway lockers.

ABS plastic is non-toxic, so ABS lockers are suitable for primary school students to reduce their burdens in some ways. Besides, it is recommended using ABS lockers indoors to prevent door colors from fading.

T-382M ABS school locker school hallway lockers Lock hasps
Description: T-382M can be used as school hallway lockers.

Lock hasps are selected for these ABS school lockers.
Students and teachers can bring their padlocks to secure their personal belongings such as books, uniforms, umbrellas and sports equipment.

T-382S used as school library lockers ABS plastic storage locker
Description: T-382S can be used as school library lockers.

ABS library locker maximizes storage space to secure personal belongings such as laptops, books and tablets when people study and read.

T-B400F the upgraded plastic lockers for classroom with elasticity
Description: T-B400F the upgraded plastic lockers for classroom.

Considering the safety of students, the locker can not only hold the children's impact, but also with elasticity feature, minimize damage, high impact and durability. Beautiful color combinations bring vitality and joy to the space.

T-H385XXL/4 HDPE plastic locker hallway lockers at a Dubai school indoor and outdoor
Description: T-H385XXL/4 HDPE lockers can be used as hallway lockers at a school in Dubai.

4-digit code locks with master keys are selected for these hallway lockers.
The HDPE plastic locker is resistant to UV radiation, which is perfect for both indoor and outdoor environments. It is available to be exposed to the direct sunlight since the color won't fade and plastics don't rust.