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Gym Locker

The news reported several countries, like Spain, Iran, Italy, Denmark, Israel and Germany, that previously imposed restrictions are beginning to lift lockdown measures. We can see more and more citizens go to public places, especially for Gym to do exercises. But people care about the health than ever and pay more attention to protect themselves from virus effected after went through terrible COVID-19. As a proprietor or facility supplier for Gym, what can we do to ensure to provide a good environment for consumers? First, all the equipments should be cleaned and sterilized every day. Second, replace the rusty or easy to get moist equipments, because these equipments are difficult to clean and breed virus easily. In view of this, Toppla, the professional Locker manufacturer, release a new Plastic Lockers to meet the market demand. Comparing with steel locker and wood locker, Toppla Plastic Lockers have the below advantages: 1. Anti-virus, Toppla Plastic Lockers made from Plastic material. 2. Smooth surface, easy to clean. 3. No moisture, no breed virus. 4. Ventilation hole design on the back board, keep air flowing.